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Find HP Brand for Premium Products at Switch Tech Supply


by Alexendar | 15, Jul 2022

Established on July 2, 1939, by Bill Hewlett and David Packard (whose initials make the name of the company), HP initially produced electronic test and measuring equipment at HP Garage (now called 'The BirthPlace of Silicon Valley'). If that is not the thing one thinks of when one thinks of HP products, then that is because it became the forerunner of the digital revolution of the world without its PC computers and Printers. Today, HP has established itself as a brand that creates state-of-art IT products and is constantly setting new benchmarks for its products. In 2001, it was the third-largest PC manufacturer when it acquired Compaq (which was then the second-largest supplier) to become the top PC manufacturer in the world. It is currently the second-largest manufacturer of PCs, with over one-fifth of the total market share. It is also the leading manufacturer of printers worldwide.


A number of HP products are directed at consumers, but their enterprise range of products is their stronghold. For its enterprise clients, HP depends on trustworthy suppliers like Switch Tech Supply.


HP Computers


HP is one of the world's leading manufacturers with a wide range of personal computers and an even wider range of internal components of computers. Often, one needs these internal components such as cable wires, SSDs, RDMM memory, Hard Disk, etc., and enterprises may need them in larger quantities while assembling custom computers or refurbishing existing ones. This is where Switch Tech Supply can be of service. Being a brand focused on enterprise clients only, it understands that an enterprise buying in bulk won't want to buy at market rates. That's why Switch Tech Supply invites enterprises to make an order by choosing their products and respective quantities and then get a special custom quote for the same.


HP Networking Products


HP is also a leading supplier of networking products, including Network management devices, wireless access points, cables, etc. These products are often needed by enterprises establishing new premises in large quantities. Switch Tech Supply is capable of serving them in large quantities.


That is particularly true when it comes to HP products specifically targeted at enterprises with features for resolving challenges unique to commercial clients. Switch Tech Supply's unilateral focus on the niche makes it a powerful solution for supplying these solutions in an effective and timely manner.


HP Accessories - The Best Way To Use HP Products


HP products also come with several accessories, such as USB accessories and network accessories which are crucial if one is to get the fabled HP grade experience. However, often these accessories are not available for bulk purchases in the market. With Switch Tech Supply, one is sure to have a ready supply of these products. 


Why shop with Switch Tech Supply?


When it comes to HP products for business, Switch Tech Supply enjoys an enviable and much-envied reputation of being the best supplier of the highest quality products. Partnering HP's powerful products with our unparalleled supply chains and delivery networks will result in an irritable solution to all IT product needs of any enterprise. Switch Tech Supply is capable of delivering to both large-scale and small-scale enterprises with an intricate understanding of the unique challenges faced by the two types.


Its website is the perfect place for enterprise customers to collect all the information they might need to make an informed decision. Once a decision has been made, one can order all the products one needs in a single bulk purchase and request queries for the same to get the most effective quote price available in the market.


Switch Tech Supply is also a great way of ordering products across brands like HP and creating a bulk order that way. Ordering in larger quantities will help us get a quote from us. With Switch Tech Supply, the enterprises are sure to get the best prices for quality IT products.