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Routers by Switch tech supply


by Alexendar | 08, Nov 2022

Routers make the connection between two or more switches, devices, or networks. To get a secure and uninterrupted connection get them from switch tech supply at a very reasonable cost.


Switch tech supply, an authentic online store:

Routers by STS are capable to provide high speed and secure connection. Basically, there are two functions: 

  • They manage the traffic within the network by following the IP address to forward data packets to the destination.

  • Allow various devices to share a single internet connection to transmit and receive data.

They commonly forward data between (LAN) local area network and (WAN) wide area network. There are several devices connected to a network in a LAN but they are connected to specific areas. LAN needs only a single router. On the other hand, WAN as its name says wide area network distributed over a large area. Big companies and organizations which need separate connections over all their branches, set LAN connections. And to connect these LAN connections they use WAN. It is capable to connect multiple devices, switches, and networks distributed over a large area.

Switch tech supply is one of the competing online stores which provide a wide range of networking devices just perfectly suitable to your needs. In other words, this store meets the needs of every customer.


Working of a router:

The router works as a controller of data packets and is responsible to forward them to the defined destination or IP address. Every data packet has its own destination to reach. The router sends every data packet on its relevant way to its destination and ensures that every packet will reach its IP address successfully without losing any data uninterrupted. 

They have a context or a list of ways or paths to reach different IP addresses. They are capable to know all the information about data that has to send. After determining data size and type, they choose the best path from the table for data transmission. Then they send data to the network and then to the destination.


Different types of routers:

A router must connect to a modem before connecting a LAN to the internet. There are two basic types according to connectivity.


There is an ethernet cable required to make a connection with a modem. They convert binary signals to radio signals. Then they transmit signals which do not need wire or any cable. They use antennas for this purpose. They create a wireless local area network that is capable to connects a number of devices wirelessly.


There is one thing common between wireless and wired, they both use an ethernet cable to get connected to the modem. Unlike wireless connection, they use more cables to connect other devices in a network which is a local area network. They connect various devices to the internet.

Except for wired and wireless, there are a few other specialized types available at switch tech supply. They are classified on the bases of their functionality.


They work on the core of the network and have no connection with external networks. They are more than the home or small business and office use. They are commonly used in large businesses and organizations as it is capable of transmission of large data packets.


These are also capable of transmitting large data packets but they have the ability to work on the core network as well as connect to the external networks. Unlike the core, they are not specific to the core of the network.


It is not actually hardware. It is software and functions just as a hardware router. They are also capable of working on the core of the network and connecting to external networks as well.


Summarizing words for the exclusive products by Switch tech supply:

Switch tech supply deals their every customer as the special one. We provide you with high-quality, genuine routers at a very pocket-friendly cost. Just contact us to get a superb experience with our quality product.