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What are power distribution units and how do they work


by Alexendar | 08, Nov 2022

The use of power distribution units is specific to a data center, it is a hardware devices to control electrical power in a data center. These are fairly available at switch tech supply with no compromise on quality.


What are Power Distribution Units and how do they work:

The simplest and basic form of PDU is power strips. These are low in specifications as are not surge protected used for electrical outlets for data centers have no monitoring and are not capable of remote access. On the other hand modern, PDUs monitoring is real-time and capable of remote access.

PDUs are usually directly installed and manage and distribute electric current. It can handle both direct current and alternating current with the same efficiency. Sources of electric current can be uninterrupted power supply, utility power suppliers, generators, or any other source. They deal with the requirement of a power supply which is much more significant than a home or office power strip.

PDUs are responsible for the uninterrupted and appropriate distribution of power in an organization specifically for information technology infrastructure.


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Types of Power Distribution Units:

Other then power distribution there is a number of functions a PDU is performed such as metering, monitoring, switching, controlling, and notifying for potential issues. According to its functions, we can classify it into various types, which are briefly discussed below.

Metered inlet:

It keeps an eye on or measures the utilization of electric power and the capability of an electric circuit to handle the electric current. By using metered inlet PDU we can calculate the efficiency of the distribution of power and can prevent any burden or load over a circuit.

Metered outlet:

It functions twice at the same time. Firstly can determine the utilization of electric power. Secondly, availability of rack. By using metered outlet PDU we can compare our device to other devices to check for its efficiency.


They function almost the same as metered inlet PDU but they enable the user to have control of individual outlets as well as group outlets. They are energy effective, distribute power to the devices remotely and user can switch them off when they are not using them, hence they are power saving.

Switched rack with outlet metering:

Their working is the same as a switched PDU within an outlet metering. Normally people prefer to use simple PDUs but some organization needs complex power distribution, so this type of PDUs ideal for such organizations.


Concluding thoughts for Power Distribution Unit by Switch Tech Supply:

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