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Types of transceivers


by Alexendar | 11, Nov 2022

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Types of transceivers:

There are different types offered by switch tech supply, which are used for various purposes such as radio applications and telecommunication. Here are different designs and models with various specifications available in order to deal with the different requirements of customers. There are basically three types of transceivers available discussed below.


Initially, it was the most popular type until more advanced varieties were introduced. They got common in the world of information technology with a diverse variety of receivers and transmitters. These are used for a number of applications. You can select your required Transceiver by getting to know about multiple categories such as 

Multi-mode fiber

SX, which transmission rate is 550m at 1.25 GB per second.

LX, its transmission range is more than 10 kilometers.

BX, which transmits at more than 10 kilometers.


Small factor pluggable is an advanced version of SFP. Its data transmission rate is faster than the older version of SFP. SPF,s data transmission rate is about 10 gigabits per second. On the other hand, SPF+’s data transmission speed is 8 gigabits per second. Ethernet switches and network interface cards offer the socket for SFP.

They are high in demand by the public as they are capable connect to multiple types of fiber optics. So we can say these are flexible to be connected. This is the reason these are popular among users. They have more port density.


These are swappable and protocol-independent, and so are more advanced technology. They work on specific wavelengths such as 850 NM, 1310nm, and 1550nm. They operate at a single wavelength. These are available in a diverse variety and range. The most common are LR, ER, and ZR. LR’s data transmission rate is 1310 nm and its range is more than 10km. ER transmission rate is 1550 nm and its range is 40 km. And transmission range of ZR is more than 80 kilometers. It has a smaller footprint as compared to other devices. That’s why people prefer to use XFP. It is also beneficial as it does not occupy much space.


Summarizing words:

Transceivers offered by switch tech supply are reliable and not much costly. You just need to visit our website and before selecting the suitable type skim through the details and specifications of each product. You can also see the reviews of our valued customers who are enjoying the best experience with us. For more details contact our support team. They will help you to choose the perfectly suitable transceiver.