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A switch is a device that aids in the control of current flow. It's a tool that allows you to get access to the current flow and control it according to your needs. Now you can get the greatest deal on an electrical switch by shopping online. As the leading switch appliance supplier, distributor, and dealer, we offer the best prices on authentic top-brand items with a convenient shopping experience as a rule.


In the past, timers have been outstanding performers. They are still useful in today's world. There are, for example, multi-function, multi-range industrial timers with up to ten different working modes in a single device that are accurate and cost-effective. To enable hands-off customized procedures, timers manage the on/off cycle of equipment operations. There are also programmable timers that can be configured for any of five distinct functions across four different time spans. Timers have always been valuable, and technological advancements have only boosted their worth.


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Switch Tech Supply simplifies your switch online buying by providing the lowest prices on top brand authentic electrical switches. As the leading online industrial and residential electrical switches supplier, dealer, and distributor, we provide a great service that includes personalized delivery, bulk order placing, quick shipment, and a simple shopping experience. For a deeper understanding of our price variables, see our most recent best electrical switchesLet us know your quotes for bulk orders, and we will help you out. 


Switches can help determine the right distance and relative placement of machine components to ensure that they generate ideal parts when they are installed. Furthermore, even when the machine is being set up or running in manual mode, users may quickly alter switch locations. We may use timers to set up the machine initially, but switches must be used instead of timers when it comes to optimizing our cycle rates.


Different types of switches

Here is a list of the different types of industrial switches that you can look for at Switch Tech Supply:


Mounted switchboard

These are put on specific circuits and protect chosen electrical circuits throughout the house and electrical equipment and extension cables linked to power outlets.


Safety switches 

People who use power tools and other electrical equipment in places where there are no switchboard or power point safety switches need portable safety switches.


Safety Switches for Power Outlets

A power point switch is a device that replaces an existing power outlet. You can use it for multiple functions. 


Electrical Switches Types

Electrical switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with functions like the number of poles and throws determining its classification. The following is a list of the various types of electrical switches that are available.


● one-way access (single-pole) 

● two-way electrical switch (double-pole) 

● switch electrical

● A Three-Way Switch is a switch that may be used in three different ways

● A four-way switch is a switch that may be used in four different ways.

● Switch with Multiple Locations

● Bell Switch


Lists of top brands with useful technical details


We have a number of leading brands on our list. Our B2B marketplace makes sure that our clients get the best that they have quoted for. There are still many more brands and models to be added to the list. You can easily look for 1 way or a 2-way switch that will give you a great experience. Switch Tech Supply will make you enjoy giving your brand a perfect way to portray the right products.

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