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Fabrics for High-Performance Data Centers with Optical Transceivers. To better meet the expectations of business, today's enterprise data centers are experiencing an infrastructure change that necessitates faster speeds, more scalability, and higher levels of performance and reliability. Optical transceivers, formerly considered a generic component of Fiber Channel switching technologies, have become a vital part of total system design as speed and performance requirements grow.


In a nutshell, a transceiver module is a device that has both a transmitter and a receiver for analog or digital signals. Transceivers are used in a variety of devices, including radios and telephones. Network transceivers are utilized in particular networks such as LANs to transmit signals. Many people get transceivers and transponders mixed up. In reality, a transceiver may send and receive signals at any time, but a transponder can only respond to an incoming signal or order.


Transceivers are available in three different styles: chip, board, and module. The chip-style optical transceiver is the smallest optical transceiver on the market. 


Quality Assurance and Compliance Certification

All Switch Tech Supply transceivers go through extensive qualification and certification testing, resulting in an easier-to-maintain end-to-end solution that helps increase the availability of data center fabrics serving mission-critical applications.


Features of an Ethernet Switch Transceiver

● Digital Optical Monitoring evaluates if a unit is in good working order, marginal, or fails.

● Switch Tech Supply transceiver in networking is available at a variety of speeds and distances.



Many SFP transceivers that claim to be compatible with industry standards aren't and won't function with Switch Tech Supply devices. Switch Tech Supply-branded transceivers are factory-tested to guarantee that they fulfill our stringent reliability requirements.


Error-Free Operation

Transceiver operation is guaranteed to be error-free. Switch Tech Supply network transceivers are thoroughly tested to guarantee that they function with Switch Tech Supply products at all times.


Maximum Efficiency

Switch Tech Supply transceivers are rigorously tested to increase performance, decrease power consumption, and help guarantee mission-critical applications are available at all times.


Global Switch Tech Supply Support

● Make the most of your gear and software purchases.

● Improve the performance of your SAN and accelerate new technology installations.

● Use Switch Tech Supply's experience to help your company create the most resilient and efficient SAN infrastructure possible.

● Contact a Switch Tech Supply sales partner or go to Switch Tech Supply for additional information.


Transceiver for the Storage Area Network (SAN)

● Digital Optical Monitoring evaluates if a unit is in good working order, is marginal, or is failing.

● ClearLink Diagnostics pinpoints the origin of physical connection problems.

● Switch Tech Supply transceivers are available at a variety of speeds and distances.


Switch Tech Supply provides a unique collection of high-performance, dependable, and cost-effective optical transceivers to assist businesses in handling the difficulties of various network topologies. Switch Tech Supply picks and tests the highest-performing optical transceivers on the market, then guarantees their availability, capacity, and performance in Switch Tech Supply® devices to assure optimal quality.


Switch Tech Supply optical transceivers provide Fiber Channel and Ethernet connection with assured compatibility with switches and directors, full industry compliance, and lifetime support, all while meeting a wide variety of speed, form factor, and distance requirements.

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